Water Jet & Vacuum Services Melbourne

Pressure Works specialise in providing expert solutions in Vacuum Excavation, Drain and Pit Cleaning, and Vacuum Cleaning of Gutter and Spouting. We cater to industrial, commercial, domestic, municipal organisations and education departments across Victoria.


Hydro excavation, also called vacuum truck excavation, potholing, hydrovac and Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), is a safe and efficient alternative to mechanical excavation...

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Are you looking for a professional team of drain cleaners in Melbourne that can offer quality and efficient services? Pressure Works offers a range of drain cleaning...

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Pressure Works provides clearing blockages and roping services to telecommunications contractors. Pressure Works operates in accordance with a formal OH&S Management Plan...

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Pressure Works provides a wide range of expert high pressure water/steam cleaning services to domestic, commercial, industrial and government clients...

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Vacuum Gutter

Vacuum cleaning of gutters and downpipes is fast and efficient. All waste is transferred down the vacuum hose to the truck. As a result, no mess, and the waste is removed from...

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Mobile: 0419577441
Email: pressureworksptyltd@bigpond.com
Address: PO BOX 587, Eltham VIC, 3095, Australia

Specific Applications Include:

Communication Industry: Non Destructive Digging, Pipe and Conduit Cleaning, Clearing of Blockages, Roping of Telstra Ducts for Contractors, Water and Waste Removal, Soil Replacement (for NDD).

Municipal Services: Non Destructive Digging, Drain Cleaning, Footpath Cleaning & Sealing, Gum Removal, Graffiti Removal, Gutter and Spout Cleaning Services.

Power and Water Industry: Tank & Vessel Cleaning, Tube & Pipe Cleaning, Plant & Equipment Degreasing, Protective Coatings and Painting, Cleansing to Make Work Areas Safe For Other Workers.

Manufacturing Industry: Plant and Equipment Cleaning.

Protective Coatings Industry: Surface Preparation and Cleaning.

Commercial Buildings: Building Restorations, Building Washing, Paint Removal, Surface Preparation for Painting and Rendering, Gutter and Spout Cleaning.

Construction Industry: Preparation of Assets for Handover, Surface Preparation and General Cleaning.

Plant Spillages and Contamination: Plant Cleaning and Removal of Contamination, Waste Disposal.

Facility & Property Management: Periodic Maintenance Cleaning of Assets, Gutter Cleaning, Pit and Drain Cleaning, Graffiti Removal.

Machinery Cleaning:Degreasing and Cleaning of Earthmoving Machinery, Construction and Plant Equipment.

Education Department: Gutter and Spout Cleaning, Pit & Drain Cleaning, Graffiti Removal.

Pressure Works Pty. Ltd. is a service provider, with an ongoing company commitment to Quality and Safety.

Pressure Works

Since our start in 1998, the organisation has achieved significant client reach and growth delivering a wide range of water jetting and vacuum solutions.

This growth has been achieved through our commitment to customer satisfaction; staff development and training; and investment in plant and equipment, safety, and the environment. Our ability to communicate with clients and thoroughly understand their needs is the key to delivering the services they require.

Pressure Works Pty. Ltd. is able to assist clients in a wide range of industries:

Why Pressure Works?

Our success is a direct result of our ability to understand our customers’ needs and drive targeted solutions.

Our experience, training, and ongoing desire to improve our service ensure our solutions meet customer needs.

Safety and Training

Pressure Works operates in accordance with a formal OH&S Management Plan. Operators are fully trained in “Safe Working at Heights”, OH&S, Elevated Work Platforms and Prescribed Waste (EPA).

Our Clients

  • Civil & Construction Contractors
  • Gas, Power & Electrical Companies
  • Electrical & Plumbing Contractors
  • Communications Contractors
  • Road Builders
  • Commercial/Industrial Buildings
  • Schools, Tafes, Universities
  • Municipal Councils
  • Government Deptartments