Hydro Excavation Services in Melbourne

hydro excavation Melbourne

Sometimes nature will get in the way and bury things under earth and debris. When this happens, hydro excavation will have to be performed to protect the safety and structure of your property. At Pressure Works, we are available to perform this job for you with our hydro digging services all across Melbourne.

Hydro excavation, also called vacuum truck excavation, potholing, hydrovac and Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), is a safe and efficient alternative to mechanical digging, excavating, drilling and auguring. Our hydro excavation services give our team the ability to excavate soil and material without damaging underground utilities.

This technique involves the use of a combination of high pressure water jetting and high volume vacuum loading, which is used to remove soil that has buried existing utilities, e.g., power, water, gas, sewer, storm water, telecommunications, etc.

Our services reduce risk of damage to underground assets

Our vacuum truck excavation service in Melbourne offers a massive reduction in the risk of damage to underground utilities compared to mechanical digging. It is now recognised by utility companies and civil contractors as the safest method for use in areas with underground assets.

Hydro excavation is an effective alternative to other methods for a wide range of uses:

  • Asset exposure;
  • Post hole digging;
  • Sign post digging;
  • Tree removal;
  • Optic fibre exposure; and
  • Pit construction

Our services offer utility companies and contractors huge savings in time and money, reduced risk of damage to underground assets and worksite safety. Our trained staff will ensure that both you and your property are in safe hands. We have years of experience in hydro digging in Melbourne – a job that we take very seriously.

Safety and Training

Pressure Works operates in accordance with a formal OH&S Management Plan. Operators are fully trained in “Safe Working at Heights”, OH&S training, Elevated Work Platforms, First Aid Level 2, CPR, Rail Industry, Plant Operation, Prescribed Waste Training (EPA), and VESI (Victorian Electricity and Supply Industry).

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