Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) in Melbourne

Non Destructive Digging (NDD) is the process of safely excavating the ground surface without the risk of damage to buried services. NDD employs the use of high pressure water to safely excavate the ground, and vacuum to recover and hold the material. As a result, this NDD process reduces or eliminates the risk of damages to underground services.

How NDD Reduces the Risk of Damage
When Excavating, the most important factor to consider is the risk of damage to underground assets. NDD is the safest excavation solution. Utility companies and civil contractors rely on our service throughout Melbourne.

Pressure Works NDD services are being employed for the following:
Asset Exposure,
Service Proving
Post Hole or Pier Hole Digging
Sign Post and Power Poles Digging
Optic Fibre Exposure
Tree Removal and Root Barrier Installation
Excavating/Pol holing around Gas, Power, Water and Telecommunications
Deep Pier/Bore Hole Cleaning
Safety Barrier Installation
Limited Access Excavation
Excavation for Sewer and Water Repair

Often our line of work requires us to do some excavating, which is a big job. Some of our clients are concerned about any potential damage excavation may cause to their property. But, they have nothing to fear.

Are you looking for a business that offers hydro digging in Melbourne? Trust Pressure Works for the best services and price. Also known as hydro excavation, vacuum excavation and potholing, Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is particularly suited to clients looking for a safe alternative to mechanical methods. “This is because ours is a method that allows the excavation of soils and materials without damaging underlying utilities.”

Our services in Melbourne combine high pressure water jetting and high volume vacuum loading in order to remove soil that has buried power, water, gas, sewerage and other utilities.

Our safe digging solutions reduce the risk of damage

One of the biggest considerations during excavation is the risk of damage to underground assets. Utility companies and civil contractors rely on our services all around Melbourne for a relatively safe means of excavating an area with underground assets in place. NDD, aside from being a safer alternative, is ideal for a range of uses including post hole digging, signpost digging, tree removal and much more.

Choosing our team for your NDD needs results in great savings in time and money, reduced risk of damage and improved work safety.

Safety and Training

At Pressure Works, we complete all of our projects in accordance with a formal OH&S Management Plan. Every one of our operators has been fully trained in OH&S, elevated work platforms, safe working at heights and VESI (Victorian Electricity and Supply Industry).

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