Suction Truck Service (Melbourne)

When it comes to spotless cleaning, nothing does it faster and more thoroughly than a high quality suction truck. Melbourne residents can rely on our services when they require a suction or combo truck for their cleaning project. We can even manage your liquid waste collection and removal. Whether it is cleaning your gutters or completing a range of drain or pit cleaning services, our vehicles make light work of the task.

A specialised combo truck featuring water jet and vacuum capabilities is used throughout our drain and pit cleaning projects. This ensures that blockages are broken up and debris is sucked into the hose and loaded into our vehicle safely. Our suction truck is also great for gutter and drainpipe cleaning jobs that would otherwise be time consuming and dangerous. We load all of the waste into our vehicle before carting it away, leaving no mess and no stress for our clients.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using a suction truck for your next cleaning project?

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