Vacuum Loading in Melbourne

Vacuum Loading Melbourne
Vacuum loading services are employed when access is limited, to contain spills, when product or waste is stored in tanks or pits, during plant maintenance, or flooding, and pit cleaning.

Pressure Works’ vacuum trucks are an excellent solution to the recovery and removal of heavy product, wet or dry including:
Drill slurry,
NDD or Hydro mud
Marble and concrete slurry
Brick dust
Bore/pier hole cleaning
Waste, pit, and storm water
GPT and Car wash pit cleaning

All vacuum loader are EPA licensed .
Any type of big job usually leaves a mess. Pressure Works’ efficient vacuum loading service is a fast , thorough way to remove debris and waste from your property

Our vacuum truck excavation service in Melbourne will remove large quantities of any nasty materials. Our excavation equipment is kept at an ideal pressure to produce fast results while ensuring no damage is inflicted on your property.

What our experienced vacuum loading team can do for you

Our professional team have been doing vacuum loading work for years, and all of their experience will work to ensure that the job is done properly. With our first rate equipment, we will perform industrial waste removal from confined spaces, such as pits, drains, manholes and other hard to reach places. We offer an environmentally friendly service that will safely dispose of the waste we collect at an approved site.

Vacuum loading Excavation Truck
Vacuum loading Excavation Truck 2

Our vacuum truck excavation work would be very beneficial for industrial workplaces, which create a significant amount of waste every day. This can affect both their workplace and the surrounding environment. We can schedule vacuum loading work to be carried out with minimal interruption.

This is a vital service that could make a big difference to your workplace and will help things run smoothly. If your Melbourne property is in need of vacuum loading services, then Pressure Works is the right choice. To organise a time for us to come to your property, call us today