24 July 2020
What Are Components Suction Trucks

What Are The Components Of Suction Trucks?

Suction trucks have come a long way over the years. However, despite the improvements and recent innovations, they have stayed true to their core technology – […]
11 July 2020
What Type Waste Suction Trucks Deal With

What Type Of Waste Do Suction Trucks Deal With?

You see them a lot, in commercial and residential areas. Suction trucks are a common sight on the road. However, we don’t really pay much attention […]
23 June 2020
What Suction Trucks Used For

What Are Suction Trucks Used For?

Most of us would see suction trucks in our neighbourhood every now and then. Most of the time, we call them for septic and liquid waste […]
10 June 2020
Can Liquid Waste Be Recycled

Can Liquid Waste Be Recycled?

The world is drowning in rubbish and we can’t afford to be irresponsible anymore. We have to take action and recycle whatever we can wherever we […]