16 May 2019
vacuum loading

What is the Best Method for Removing Heavy Sludge

Industrial sludge can be highly toxic, unpleasant to handle, and difficult to remove and dispose of correctly. If you are faced with the issue of disposing […]
16 May 2019
sucker truck

How is the waste collected by suction trucks disposed

Suction trucks come with a tank and a pump that suck sludge, slurry, liquid, debris, and other waste materials from the drains. However, this isn’t only […]
16 May 2019
DAF Drain Cleaning Truck

What Is High-Velocity Water Jetting

Clogged or blocked drains can be a real menace in any household. The water won’t go away, and there’s a terrible smell lurking around your home […]
16 May 2019
hydro excavation uses

When Do You Use Hydro Vacuum Excavation

As an excavation method, hydro vacuum excavation was developed and honed in the frigid oil fields of Canada. Canadian oil industry players and contractors had for […]