19 July 2016
Jet Cleaners

The Evolution of Clean: Why Water Jet Cleaners are the Next Big Craze?

We’ve all played our part in the fight against stubborn dirt and grime in our everyday living spaces. And it’s near impossible to stay ahead of […]
3 May 2015

Melbourne Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation, otherwise known as NDD (non-destructive digging) makes use of a pump mounted on a vacuum truck to generate a powerful suction and remove earth […]
3 May 2015
Non Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging Hailed as the Safest Excavation Method

Non-destructive digging (NDD) offers a major advantage in that it greatly reduces the chance of damaging underground utilities. This in turn reduces the risk of costly […]
12 August 2013
eltham bridge excavator

Vacuum Excavation under Eltham Bridge

Pressure Works specially designed hydro excavation trucks are suitable for a range of excavation, service proving and location, and deep vacuum excavation and are capable of […]