19 September 2019
How Are Septic tanks Emptied

How Septic Tanks Are Emptied?

How often do you clean your septic tank? How often should be the emptied? This is a question most people can’t answer, so let’s take a […]
18 August 2019
water jetting service

What Are Professional Water Jetting Services Used For?

The performance of a sewer line or plumbing line is reliant on discharge flowing unobstructed and freely. Any clog that builds up in the plumbing line […]
18 August 2019

What Is The Difference Between Sludge And Liquid Waste?

Sludge and slurry are the by-products produced by wastewater, refining, and industrial treatment processes which can contain, depending on the industry, non-hazardous water, biosolids, oils, mud, […]
22 July 2019
suction truck uses

Are Suction Trucks Used For Liquid Waste Only?

Do you know what a suction truck is and what it’s used for? Do you know if you actually need one? Let’s take a further look […]