18 August 2019
water jetting service

What Are Professional Water Jetting Services Used For?

The performance of a sewer line or plumbing line is reliant on discharge flowing unobstructed and freely. Any clog that builds up in the plumbing line […]
18 August 2019

What Is The Difference Between Sludge And Liquid Waste?

Sludge and slurry are the by-products produced by wastewater, refining, and industrial treatment processes which can contain, depending on the industry, non-hazardous water, biosolids, oils, mud, […]
22 July 2019
suction truck uses

Are Suction Trucks Used For Liquid Waste Only?

Do you know what a suction truck is and what it’s used for? Do you know if you actually need one? Let’s take a further look […]
30 June 2019
are suction tracks safe for the environment

Are Suction Trucks Safe for the Environment?

If you are having trouble with clogged, backed up or overflowing sewers then you may have considered calling in a suction truck to remove the build-up […]