How To Half Your Hydro Excavation Costs On Big Sites

 How Half Hydro Excavation Costs Big Sites

Hydro Excavation may seem expensive if you only look at the cost, comparing it to traditional digging methods like manual digging and using mechanical excavators. Without considering the benefits, it may seem like it is more expensive than other options. 

However, hydro excavation provides benefits that are much greater than the cost which will ultimately lead to saving projects time and money in the end.

Most of the time, bigger projects, especially in urban areas where space is a problem, will only allow hydro excavation. In bigger, more congested cities, only hydro excavation is allowed not just because of limited spaces but also to ensure that no damage is done to underground utility pipes. 

Damaged pipes for plumbing, electricity, internet, phone, and cable lines, and many others will disrupt the services for many businesses and residences. There is also not enough space available for too many pieces of machinery, let alone the excavated soil, debris and sludge. 

Sometimes the only space available for bigger projects are the streets. This is not ideal and most of the time is not allowed because it will disrupt the traffic and will pose all kinds of risks to pedestrians, motorists, and the workers.

Map The Utilities In Advance

Mapping the utilities prior to digging allows for precise and accurate excavation. This will help complete the digging faster with little to no damage to the surroundings. Mapping the underground pipes in advance helps finish the project quickly and accurately enabling you to save time and money in the end. 

The less time you spend finishing the project without the need for extra repairs, the more money you save, helping you to cut your hydro excavation costs in half making the project more cost-effective.

Mapping the utilities and underground assets in advance helps plan the excavation accordingly. Knowing where to dig and not to dig prevents damaging underground utility lines that can delay or derail the project and lead to expensive repairs.

 How Half Hydro Excavation Costs Big Sites

Use Bigger Units Of Machinery

Using bigger hydro excavation trucks for digging increases the productivity significantly. The bigger the machine, the more powerful it is allowing for a much shorter time of completion. Using bigger vacuum trucks for collecting dry and wet end products from the excavation will speed up the process significantly. 

About 75% of the cost in hydro excavation cost is associated with the disposal of materials. Using bigger vacuum trucks to collect dry soil, debris, and sludge means reduced deployment time of the vacuum trucks. The majority of the money you save on a hydro excavation project relies heavily on the amount of time the vacuum trucks are deployed. Using larger trucks will allow you to maximise the time and the number of materials you can collect and dispose of.

Better Technology

Take advantage of the newest technological innovation in the industry. By using the services of hydro excavation companies that offer the latest in technology, they will help map out the utilities more accurately, make precise holes or digs, and collect and dispose of sludge and soil more efficiently.

Technology plays an important role in hydro excavation. The more effective your technology is, the better the outcome of the project will be. High-density areas like big cities demand fast and accurate completion of excavation projects. This is because any project done in a congested city affects everything in its surroundings. 

Excavation projects can affect traffic, local business, and other services in the community. It also affects people from all walks of life within the community where the project is located. It is important to take the things we discussed above into consideration when choosing a hydro excavation company for your big urban projects.

 How Half Hydro Excavation Costs Big Sites

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