What Is Hydro Excavation And How Does It Work?

hydro excavation

The process of moving soil with pressurised water is known as hydro excavation.

A high-powered vacuum is used to transfer the soil or debris to a separate tank – which is known as the debris tank.

This process is a more accurate and non-destructive method of excavating soil and locating important underground utilities.

Hydro excavation really started with the oil and gas industry in Canada.

The oil workers immediately saw the importance of this method compared to other excavation methods.

That’s how hydro excavation became so popular across the world. This article provides information on what hydro excavation really is and how it works.

Applications Of Hydro Excavation

Canadian oil and gas workers were the first to discover and understand the effectiveness of hydro excavation.

The cold weather in Canada most often caused the soil to be frozen. It became harder to excavate frozen soil using traditional excavation methods.

The contractors discovered that using heated water with hydro excavation made the process much easier.

They were able to get the job done more effectively with hydro excavation than any other traditional excavation method.

That’s how the popularity of the method spread across Canada and the world. The method is commonly used for line, sign, and pole installation tasks.

The method is also used for daylighting or potholing.

There is less congestion in the construction area because the equipment can be easily positioned at a distance when using this method.

Hydro excavation is also used for pipe and sewer rehabilitation projects.

The method reduces the risk of puncturing or damaging the pipes. It helps save time and money in the long run.

Hydro excavation is done without disturbing the surrounding soil. The accuracy of the method is an important advantage.

The surrounding soil will stay strong and compact while the excavation is performed. That’s why the process is so popular in many industries.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

The equipment used for hydro excavation services combines air vacuum and high-pressure water.

The method will cut through the soil and also break up the soil. The air vacuum will then lift the slurry from the excavation area. It’s a bit like being at the dentist.

The slurry and debris are then transferred to a debris tank. The equipment used for hydro excavation needs a vacuum source.

A positive displacement blower or a fan system is used for this purpose. The fan system will move air in large amounts.

It will allow for faster excavation making it easier to operate. The process is lighter and less expansive when compared to the positive displacement blowers.

On the other hand, the positive displacement blower can move air in longer distances compared to the fan system.

It can excavate to greater depths at slower rates. In fact, most applications use the fan system for hydro excavation because of this reason.

How To Choose The Best Service Provider?

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