Why Do You Use Hydro-Vacuum Excavation?

hydro vacuum excavation

Why would you need to use Hydro-Vacuum Excavation? What does it actually involve? Let’s take a look in more detail now. 

Hydro vacuuming excavation is an earth removal process whereby a high-pressure water jet is used to loosen soil from the ground. 

After the ground has been loosened an air vacuum sucks up the slurry of water and soil particles storing it in a tank. 

This unique and technologically advanced method of excavation has proved to be versatile and flexible to meet the needs of the plumbing industry, utility companies, and many other industries.

All these industries and many councils are turning to hydrovac excavation for the benefits it yields. Herein are some of the reasons you should also consider using hydro vacuum excavation.

  • Hydro-Vacuum Excavation Is Safer
  • It Saves Money
  • Causes Minimum Damage To Underground Utilities And Fixtures
  • It Is A More Precise Method Of Excavation
  • Hydrovac Has More Consistency And Reliability

1. As An Extraction Method, Hydrovac Is Safer

Traditional excavation methods are fraught with danger and more than necessary excavation.  Such excavation projects involve the use of heavy-duty machinery that increases the risk of accidents and associated injuries.

Hydro vacuum excavation involves the loosening of soil using non-mechanical machinery. Importantly, the excavation method is a non-destructive method. 

During the excavation process, the loosened soil is vacuumed sucked into a storage tank for safe storage and disposal, resulting in a cleaner working site. The net result is a safer and cleaner excavation site.

 2. Hydro-Vacuum Excavation Is Cost-Effective

Hydrovac has proved to be more cost-efficient. Importantly, the cost-efficiency of this excavation method is ever-increasing with each passing year owing to the improving technology and methodology. 

One of the ways through which hydro vacuum excavation is cost-efficient is by utilising a smaller labour force when compared to traditional methods of excavation. 

Traditional methods involving excavators necessitate a large labour force resulting in an expensive excavation process. Hydrovac requires only a two to five operators.

Another cost-saving reason you will enjoy from using hydro vacuum excavation is its delicate approach to excavation. 

This method of excavation does not require wide-scale excavation necessitating wide-scale clean-up and environmental remediation efforts. 

When excavating soil using the hydro vacuum method, operators can precisely control the water jet to ensure only the target soil is loosened. 

At the end of the excavation process, operators need only refill the small holes or trenches with soil rather than a wide-scale excavation hole or trench. Hydro vacuum excavation is also very quick and space-efficient. 

As such, it does not necessitate cordoning off a large part of a street or property to perform the excavation.  

Consequently, hydro vacuum excavation saves money and reduces the cost that comes with large-scale interruptions and cordons.

3. Causes Minimum Damage To Underground Utilities And Fixtures

Hydro vacuum excavation is very precise and causes little damage to underground utilities. The excavation method is basically only water and air. 

Operators can precisely control the pressure from the water jet, ensuring any of the utilities that they come across remain safe from raptures, cracks, or any other form of damage. 

4. Hydrovac Is Precise

Excavation using the hydrovac method only involves loosening the ground around the excavation point. This means the ground around the excavation point is not interrupted. 

Operators can precisely excavate a hole or trench as needed without causing wide-scale destruction to the soil or environment.

5. Hydrovac Has More Consistency And Reliability

Since this excavation method came to market, it has developed a track record of being highly reliable and consistently performing as per the excavation plans. 

Nonetheless, you need to contract highly skilled operators to succeed with your excavation project. Hydrovac excavation has numerous benefits. 

Whether you are a residential property owner, a small business owner, a large business owner, or a council, there plenty of applications for hydro vacuum excavation.

Pressure Works regularly performs Non-Destructive Digging on critical infrastructures such as gas lines, power lines, sewer lines, and telecommunication cables in and around Melbourne.

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